Black Interstuhl Chair PUREis3 Fixed T-Armrests


Forget everything you’ve ever known about chairs: PURE guarantees a sitting experience like no other – for the working world of tomorrow that is already part of our lives today.
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PUREis3 is designed for sitting and made for movement. Unlike any other chair, PUREis3 has been developed entirely with active people in mind. This approach has required a complete re-invention of the “office chair”. PUREis3 adjusts to the user, their body and movements without requiring them to make time-consuming adjustments. Complicated and heavy mechanisms are no longer required. PUREis3 not only allows a wide range of movement but also ensures that the user stays comfortable, active and sufficiently supported at all times.

  • Outstanding mobility
  • Smart Spring technology
  • Intuitive operation
  • For anyone looking for flexible solutions
  • A mesh or upholstered backrest in either white or black.
  • Modern, clean-cut, functional
  • Smart Seat
  • Slim, fixed T-armrests and functional 3D T-armrests